Monday, June 28, 2010

VACATION countdown . . .

Just a reminder that we have one week left to ship before we head off on vacation for three weeks. If you need a `tini table in a hurry, times-a-wasting! The oomph factory will be closed and there will be no tables made or shipped until the oompha-loompas return July 28th. Bon Voyage!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rowayton Coffee Table

Everyone asks us, "Why did you name your tables after towns?", and the answer is a simple one. We chose our favorite places where our tables look great and make a beautiful home even more fabulous.  oomph didn't put Rowayton on the map - it was already there!  
Rowayton is one of those special places you hope remains undiscovered. It is a little spit of land and islands surrounded on three sides by water that has charm and personality from another time. Not unlike the oomph "Rowayton" table, the town of Rowayton is steeped in tradition yet very current. We love to stroll the streets and take in the marine art at Quester Gallery and have a delicious lunch at Rowayton Seafood looking over the harbor. A walk around the winding streets of Belle Island makes us crave an ice cream cone before heading back to our car and reality.
The oomph “Rowayton” table is not your motherʼs wooden coffee table! It's heritage clearly dates back to the once popular butlerʼs tray but this one is an updated version in any of our sixteen oomphabulous colors. The "Rowayton" coffee cocktail table has the right proportions, (bigger than Momʼs), and can have a “lizard”, "gator" or raffia surface - (she didnʼt have those choices!) Like all oomph tables, it is a custom made coffee table  that compliments traditional and contemporary interiors. We love it in front of your couch at your Beach House in Monterey or in your West Village Brownstone. It adds color and a textured surface  instead of a dull wooden top coffee table. Spiff up your dated Living Room by adding a new version of an old favorite.
The "Rowayton" Table Dimensions: 44 L x 30 W x 19 H
It comes in any of our 16 colors and is available with Natural Raffia, Painted Raffia, White-washed Raffia, "Lizard", "Gator" or "Ostrich" as a surface. 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Absolut not an oomph `tini . . .

Isn't it amazing how suddenly everyone is trying to pull a `tini out of a hat? It isn't easy to produce a genuine oomph `tini table. It takes much more than a magic wand and a top hat. In fact, our tables are all custom produced to order in the one and only oomph factory by skilled craftsman. This magician just doesn't have the magic touch our guys do. Keep trying - maybe a little more vodka will help. We at oomph have perfected making both `tinis -  wood and liquid. Cheers! 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Home Accents Today . . .

It's always a compliment to have a magazine give oomph a shout out. This time the June issue of Home Accents Today, an information source for the home furnishings trade industry, sited our ESSEX table in osage orange as an essential piece on the orange color wheel. We couldn't agree more - it's one of our favorite colors too!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Race to Bermuda . . .

It's time for the Newport-Bermuda Race again and oomph is ready! We are just about finished provisioning but want to be sure our `tini table gets aboard and down to the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club safely. We chose synergy, the color of Bermudian water, for this `tini II because we thought it would compliment our first post-race Planters Punch nicely. We wish all the racers fair winds and smooth sailing. Good Luck!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Vacation . . .

Everybody needs a vacation, and the oompha-loompas are no exception! In July we will be closing down the oomph factory that makes our tables for three weeks. If you need a `tini for your martini, or an exquisite coffee table for your weekend house in the Hamptons, you had better get your order in! The clock is ticking. . . 

The Address. . .

One King's Lane. It's the place to find all of your favorite things that never go on sale. . . on sale! And for the next 3 days - you can get some oomph!
oomph: Personal charm or magnetism, glamour, sex appeal, punch, vitality. We'd like it all in a mate. In our home, we insist on it.
Rum punches in hand, on the beach on Harbour Island, oomph founders Amy Rice, Patty Hopple, and architect Louise Brooks came up with the notion that three simple elements of great design can totally transform any room. Here, entirely made in the USA and always green, a hip, witty collection of coffee tables and striking, meticulously sewn pillows with down and feather inserts.

Friday, June 4, 2010


That pretty much describes us! We are featured on the artist, Laura Trevey's blog, Bright, Bold, & Beautiful today. It's all about COLOR!

And who knows color better than oomph! We love to add just a punch to a ho-hum room and watch it instantly come to life. A pow table and a couple of pillows give a room an instant lift! oomph can take a drab, winter room and turn it into summer faster than a trip to the Hamptons!