Friday, September 24, 2010

American Fashion Designers at the Aldyn . . .

Earlier this week, Habitually Chic did a blogpost on the Aldyn Design Showhouse on the Upper Westside of Manhattan. It's a showhouse of fashionable interiors motivated by the book American Fashion Designers at Home. Immediately, our favorite room was a bedroom that was inspired by the iconic Babe Paley designed by our friend, Jennifer McGee.

Jen took a nondescript New York City apartment room and transformed it into a warm and inviting place that you would have sworn had a pedigree or, at the very least,  the provenance of someone very chic and famous. The tailored canopy bed was an immediate room changer but, upon further inspection, we spied an oomph `Tini Table beneath the ghost lucite console!
Obviously, a room just isn't complete without a little oomph. We immediately emailed Jennifer and she wrote back -

"Hi Girls!
Oh, yes you too were a big hit. I loved watching those fashionistas walk in and immediately confirm their knowledge of your now "legendary" tini table!
That table seems to be my lucky charm!"

Thank you, Jennifer! We love all your choices in this room and wish you much success at the Aldyn and beyond.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

oomph is at home . . .

Our `tini tables are featured in the Shopping Guide of AT HOME Magazine's Fall Issue. Here they are shown in stock at SM Home on Arch Street in Greenwich. We love the fall hues of our knockout orange and the creme with the petite vases in the color of fall leaves.

We think they look right at home everywhere.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rue - who knew . . .

The long awaited online magazine RUE launched today! One of oomph's favorite pillows is front and center and we understand why! "Poetical" is a gorgeous pillow - greige (that's grey-beige in designer speak). It is ultra sophisticated and we guess they think so too since they featured it on the Editor and Chief's bed! Be sure to scour the first issue for design and style tips that are both current and easy to click through.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Newport Collection . . .

We love Newport. In many ways, it is a town with many faces. It's considered the sailing center of the world! It has no shortage of beautiful yachts and of course was once home to the America's Cup. It's where the Newport-Bermuda Race begins and where the best yacht racers from around the world come to sail.
But Newport doesn't just have yachting. There's the Newport Jazz Festival - a fabulous weekend every summer where the best jazz musicians in the world gather to toot their horns, and the Newport Casino - The International Tennis Hall of Fame with its grass courts and 1880 buildings and stands. Stepping through the arch on Bellevue Avenue can't help but transport one back in time.  
But Newport is more than just a favorite playground. Its early townspeople played an important role in America's history. Their tolerance of religious freedom was the foundation for the America we know today. As early as the 17th century, Newport's citizens embraced diversity. 
Newport is a town that boasts both a grand and salty history and exemplifies the energy and beauty that inspires us. Perhaps that is why we chose it to represent oomph's grandest collection of classic tables and mirrors.

The Newport Mirrors, Consoles, and unique Coffee Tables epitomize the spirit of this great town - slightly gilded in design, but classic in nature, and enhanced by a new breed of signature oomph colors.

Detail of original NYYC now located in Newport, RI

From Newport, Rhode Island, to Newport Beach, California - everyone needs  a little oomph.