Monday, April 19, 2010

Earth it for him

Maybe Earth Day is a good time to tell you about oomph and our commitment to keeping the earth a safe and healthy place for future generations. We make our tables from poplar which is grown in renewable, sustainable plantations. Nothing is strip-forested or sacrificed for our materials. Our paints are sprayed in controlled booths designed to minimize the affect on the environment. We hand sand and finish, and do it all in this country using the highest standards.

Think about your air, your trees, your clear blue sky and the future of our earth before you purchase a foreign import.

Everybody is responsible for keeping our planet clean and healthy. Simple guidelines for ourselves and our children are to recycle, avoid waste, and buy things that will last a life time. Choose wisely when you purchase, do your homework and above all, select a classic that will serve you well and give you pleasure for years to come.